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Here's How I Went From Living With My Parents At Thirty,
To Being A Millionaire Who Travels The World
With The Woman Of My Dreams

Nearly 100,000 Men Are Watching... Will You Be One Of 200 To Join Us?


Fun. Sexy. Champion. After this group of modules, you'll be all of these things. And you'll learn why when a TEN interacts with women, he always wins. Plus, you'll see how to use this to your advantage next time you're talking with a woman you want.


    Watching everyone else have all the fun from the outside looking it... well, just isn't very fun. In this segment you'll learn how to develop an insider's mentality to "fun". Because whenever a woman sniffs out where the fun is at, she is going to naturally gravitate towards it and want to be a part of that world.

    Whether your idea of "fun" is partying until sunrise or relaxing at a coffee shop, after this week you'll know how to make the most of it You'll learn how to "let go" of any inner resistance you may have to being completely free in the moment. And more importantly, you'll learn Christian's secrets for being Mr. Fun when you're out talking to women. So any time you're even in the same vicinity of a woman you want, you'll know exactly how to make her smile.


    Are you a victim or a champion? A servant or a king? A loser or a winner? Most men have a mind like a broken record... there is a story that is playing itself out, on repeat, in your head. And chances are, you are completely clueless to the ways it is holding you back.

    In this section you're going to learn how to breakthrough to a new level of consciousness, by re-creating your story. Going through this section is going to be like "downloading" the story of a "10" man and imprinting it in your brain. And once everything is installed.... it will radically change the way your interactions with top-quality women play out.


    "It was just that look he gave me." "He knows how turn me on in a way that no other guy can." "God, I fantasize about being with all the time."

    A "ten" gets comments like this from women all the time... but believe it or not, these comments have nothing to do with how he performs in bed. Being sexual is something that starts before sex ever happens. And when you know how to express your sexuality in the way Christian teaches, sex is going to start "happening" a lot more often.

    You'll soon learn that there is a subtle distinction between "creepy" and "sexy", and if you get just one piece of the puzzle wrong, you'll find that getting intimate with the woman you want becomes excruciatingly difficult. After this week, you're going to know exactly how to bring out any woman's sexual side in a way that no man has done before.


A "Ten" is certainly not the flashy guy running around the club, playing games with women. In this group of modules, you'll discover the key distinction between a guy who "pretends" to be a TEN and a man who is a champion to his core.


    If you've ever felt like a victim or thought you just can't catch a break with women, then this segment is going to change your life. As you'll soon see, when you shift your thinking about "responsibility" in can radically transform your happiness and success with beautiful women.

    Women not only want, but also NEED a man who knows the secret to responsibility. In this section you'll discover the specific things she needs to see from you that show her you are capable of being responsible for yourself, and for her. Because only when that happens, can she truly give herself to you.


    This section shows you how to be "the most interesting man in the world". A cultured, knowledgeable man has every advantage over the guy who is happy with being just OK. Christian will show you how to take that advantage, and use it to get pretty much any woman you set your sights on.

    There's a right way, and a wrong way to impress women with your know-how, and after watching this you'll see the difference... so next time you're talking to a woman you want, you'll know exactly what to say in order to really impress her.


    If you want a relationship with a top-quality woman, you must learn when to turn off all the dating advice you've heard and become the tender boyfriend she's always dreamed about. One of the biggest lies that dating coaches tell you is that you must remain alpha and dominant at all times. As you're about to see, this couldn't be farther from the truth.

    When you want to push her "boyfriend" button, that makes her think "I want to be with this guy... forever..." then you have to shift gears. You have to reveal a very different side of your personality at a very specific time, so that she thinks "awww this guy is too sweet... I need to be his girlfriend." In this section, you'll see how to do just that.


Is it any wonder that every captain of a professional sports team shares these crucial qualities? In this group of modules, you'll learn exactly how to lead like a man... in love and in life.


    If you're not a leader, you're a follower. And if you're a follower, you have no control... No control over your work life, social life, or love life.

    A true leader commands the respect and attraction of even the most sought-after women. She has a "radar" for men who are in command of their own life versus men who are commanded by others. When you learn the trick to leading, you will never have to ask permission to do anything in life again. And when you're talking to a woman, she'll hand the reins over to you... it's your show now.


    In life, it's not what you know but who you know. A TEN's social network will give him almost limitless opportunities to meet new beautiful women, meet like-minded men, and discover hidden cove's of professional contacts.

    This special Passive Value section reveals all of Christian's very best tips on forging connections that will get you past the velvet rope, and unlock worlds of opportunity both personally, and professionally.


    There's a secret to getting any woman you want to open up to you, and tell you things that she's never told anyone before... and it's so counterintuitive, that this is the first time it's ever been taught in the mainstream.

    W all have "barriers" before we open up to someone. This week you're going to see how to break down not only the barriers that a woman puts up, before she can completely give herself to you... but also, you'll learn how to eliminate any of your own barriers to success women. So next time you talk to her, she'll see you as confident, open, and comfortable in your own skin.


In order to be one of the world's most sought-after men, you need to "switch" the way you interact with women. From this point forward, you are the prize. After you learn these essential tips, beautiful women will be chasing you.


    Throw out any "game" you've learned, any tricks or techniques, and any pickup lines you've been taught. None of that works without a proper engine that drives you to greatness. "Willfulness" is that engine, and this week you're going to learn how to supercharge it.

    Because once you've got something this powerful force driving you, you'll notice that what you "say" to a beautiful women matters less and less. This happens when she picks up on what's going on "under the hood" of your outward personality. And after this week, she's going to love what she sees under there.

    So don't be surprised if next time you are talking to a woman you want, the right thing to say "naturally" pops in your head, at the perfect time... because when you watch this video, the force will be with you.


    "So.... what else do you have going for you?"

    You're talking to an attractive woman, you've discussed your job, asked each other all the standard questions... and the conversation dies. What went wrong?

    The problem is not that you "didn't know what else to say"... the problem is really that you didn't talk about your hobbies in the right way... or worse yet, they didn't even come up! In this section Christian is going to show you the trick to developing hobbies of a "Ten", and making sure she loves you for them.


    There's a powerful way to "switch" the dynamic of any interaction with a woman... so that SHE is the one chasing you. But you have to be careful, because these techniques can only be used in small doses, at unique points in time.

    This section is very technique-heavy. You're going to discover the easiest ways to be mysterious in a way that drives women crazy, and gets her wanting to know more and more about you. When you get through this section, you'll have the power to get the woman you want working for you, so she is completely invested in her relationship with you.


There's a specific time that you need to move forward with unwavering confidence... and even cockiness. But there's a right way, and a wrong way to do this. Here's how to pull it off with billionaire-style charm.


    No, you're not learning about how to give to charities this month. Rather, you are learning the secret to real relationships that the pick up artists forgot to tell you.

    When you know when and how to go the extra mile for her, you'll hold the master key to her heart. Believe it or not, there is a time and a place to be Mr. Nice Guy. Yes — we're talking about the loving, supplicating, wussbag that conventional dating advice tells you to hide at all costs. After this section, you're going to have a "step up" on every douchebag guy out there who doesn't hasn't seen this video.


    Money Matters. And more important than being filthy rich, is simply having your finances "in order". But a few questions remain.... "should I flaunt it if I've got it?"... "how do I get money if I don't have it"..."should I even bring up my bank account with her?". This week, Christian will answer all of these questions and more.

    In this section he'll teach you how to spend money, guilt-free, on the things you love, all while growing your increasingly impressive bank account. You'll see the secrets of wealth, and learn how and when to reveal your finances to a woman you are pursuing.


    When used correctly, "cockiness" can be a man's most effective tool for creating attraction in a woman he desires. When used incorrectly, it can kill any connection you have with a woman, even if things were going great.

    Almost considered a "dark art", cockiness is a tool every man should have in his back pocket. In this section, Christian is going to tell you the truth about cockiness... so you know exactly how and when to use it on the woman you desire, in order to make her feel a massive response of uncontrollable attraction and lust towards you.

    And when you get that response from her, it makes things... well... easy :)


Are you ready to enter the Matrix? In this group of modules, Christian reveals new discoveries in social dynamics. And when you come down the rabbit hole with us, your career and your social life will take a quantum leap forward.


    What do Socrates, Warren Buffet, and Christian Hudson have in common? They are all seekers of truth. And after this week, you'll be one too. But why should you even care about this?

    You see, it's easy to delude yourself, and live in a "fantasy" world. And 99% of guys do. When you do the exercises Christian gives you this week, you'll be astonished at the ways you've been lying to yourself. And from the day you watch this video, forward you are going to be in the 1% — the small minority of men who live a life grounded in reality.

    When your mind isn't distorted by ego, unhealthy emotions, and wishful thinking you have a unique power. You have the power to "see reality" in a way that most men aren't capable of. And with women, you have the power to see your interaction with her on a level that most pick up artist coaches would kill for.


    From now until you die, chances you're going to spend the majority of waking hours at work. Now, that's a scary thought if you hate what you're doing... but if you love what you're doing, that thought may put a grin on your face.

    When a woman asks you about your job, she's not just making small talk. It's one of the most important pieces of your personality to her. And with one simple "tweak" to the way you go about your day, you can take full ownership of your career — and get the women you meet excited about what you do. This week you'll learn exactly how to create a career path that is irresistibly attractive to women you meet, and how to talk about it with them.


    Did you know that humility is one of the biggest power moves you can pull on a woman?

    During the process of meeting and flirting with a beautiful woman, there will be a point where you have to "take off your mask"... and exhibit a specific kind of humility. And when you do it right, she's going to think, "WOW — this guys is for real. He hasn't been bullshitting me." And you'll effectively triple the power of every other "technique" you used up to that point.

    In this segment Christian is going to teach you the trait that NO ONE talks about. He's going to show you a way that being humble, in combination with another technique, can cause such a powerful cocktail of emotions in a woman... that she'll automatically recognize you as a "ten", and let you be in charge of the relationship.


What did Steve Jobs do that made him so successful in life, business, and love? In this group of modules, you'll learn the special cocktail of ingredients you need to take your charisma... and your life... to towering new heights.


    Have you ever dealt with either of these two scenarios?

    You meet a woman you like, and you imagine a certain "outcome"... Maybe it's a date, sex, or a relationship. But at this point, it's just a fantasy... it never happens.

    You're in a shitty job, and you imagine a certain "better life" a year from now... Maybe you imagine living on a beach, doing what you love, making more money. But a year from later... you're stuck in the same place.

    When a man who is a "ten" has a fantasy, he executes, and it quickly turns into reality. His vision becomes real. And this week, you're going to learn Christian's quick and easy strategy for developing a rock-solid vision, and making it happen. Every time.


    To be irresistible to women you must become indispensable in life. And to be indispensable you must take ownership — of your life, your finances, and your success with women.

    Lest you think that taking ownership is some rah-rah self-help mantra, you're about to find out that you are very, very wrong. The more you "own", the more "in charge" you are. And the more "in charge" you are — the more power you have in relationships, and life. That's what it takes to be a TEN.


    Often times guys tell us they want "control" over the women they meet in their lives. And while we don't think that's a worthy goal, there are a number of situations in which you must show a level of dominance. When you know how to be dominant in the way that Christian teaches, your need for "control" becomes an afterthought.

    In this section, we're going to go over the keys to dominance, so that when you lead her, she follows... when you want to go on a date, she eagerly comes along... and when you want to kiss her, or take things to the next level, she is eager to please.

Part 8: 007 COOL

What makes James Bond so seductive? It's partly his timeless sense of style... which you'll learn this month. But more importantly it was his calm, "zen-like" composure in the face of distress... which you'll easily learn to master.


    Anxiety... Fear... Stress...

    These are the emotions that can cripple a boy. But a real man... a TEN... deals with them in a very different way. The way of the "man".

    If you've ever lost control of your emotions, then this section is going to change your life. The sad fact is that most men are a slave to their emotions. They feel an urge, impulse, or flush of energy, and they react to it.

    When you have the power to remain calm and composed in the midst of every test, hurdle, or curveball that a passionate woman throws at you... you set yourself apart from every man she's ever men. You become "the one".


    In this section, you're going to learn everything you'll ever need to know about men's style. Because, there is a secret male "archetype" that universally attracts women, that Christian will reveal. And when you tailor that archetype to your personal sense of style — it sets you apart from every other "ordinary" guy.

    You'll learn which styles are timeless — so whenever you buy clothes, you can feel at ease knowing that they will never go out of fashion. And just as importantly, Christian is going to teach you the biggest fashion no-no's, so you can avoid looking like a weirdo when you go out (WAY too many guys make these mistakes).


    To understand how crucial being laidback is to being a "Ten", let's talk about what happens when you DON'T get it right:

    You overreact when things don't go your way, and you repel the women you want. You let your ego get in the way of your success, and you stay in your comfort zone. You are a slave to your fears and anxieties, and she can smell your hesitation from miles away.

    When you follow Christian's easy instructions, and learn how to be laidback in a way that ONLY a TEN can, then you'll be amazed at how quickly all those problems away.


... And your pad. In this group of modules, you're going to learn the secret to anxiety-free interactions with women, and you'll also discover how to make your home or apartment the most relaxing, inviting place on earth.


    Your eyes are locked with the woman you want. You know it's time to make a move. You KNOW what you're supposed to do. It's now or never...

    Yet something, holds you back.

    In this section, Christian will reveal that "something", and teach you the secret to being completely free and unbound. So you're able to live in the moment with the woman of your dreams — and act with no hesitation or inhibition as you take things to the next level and beyond with her.


    This week you're going to learn how to optimize the experience a woman has around you, by optimizing your "places". You'll see exactly how to tweak your car's interior, get hooked up at local bars and restaurants, and most importantly you'll see how to absolutely PIMP your pad.

    A woman has to feel several very specific emotions when she walks into your environment... and those emotions are going to determine whether or not she wants to come back. You see, you could be the best guy in the world... but when you make one of these common mistakes, she's just not going to want to visit your place again.


    Women love a challenge. And when you know how to be challenging, they love you. This is the trait that I see almost every guy screwing up before Christian sets them right. When most guys challenge a woman, they do it in a way that pisses the woman off, and causes them to seek out another guy who can make them feel good.

    Christian teaches a technique for both challenging a woman, and making her feel great at the same time. In this section, you'll discover the RIGHT way to challenge women, so the women in your life will have to earn you... and believe me, they'll give you so much more respect for making things just a little bit difficult for them.


A TEN lives with a purpose. And that purpose is not to "pick up women". In this group of modules, you'll learn the secret to making your life an exciting adventure. And there's no doubt that women will want to come along for the ride.


    Every man who has a supernatural level of confidence with women has this trait: He lives with purpose. He doesn't derive his happiness from her, but rather from something bigger than himself.

    The problem? Most men don't have the first idea about their purpose as human beings. And a man with no purpose is not the kind of man any woman wants to be with.

    In this segment Christian is going to help you discover your deepest, most attractive purpose and share it with the world. So when a woman meet you, she is magnetically drawn into your aura... all because you now have the confidence of a "10".


    We've all heard that women like an adventurous guy. But did you know that you can hit those same adventure "buttons" on a woman, without trekking through Thailand or backpacking through Brazil?

    In this week's segment, you'll see how to make every night an adventure... and you'll discover the easy way to plan an adventure, close to home, in a way that makes every hot woman on your phone want to come along and join you for the experience... and want to be with the guy who made it all happen — you.


    A compliment is the man's oldest, most tried and true seduction technique. On the flip-side, it's so overused that women have grown almost immune to it. So does that mean you shouldn't use it?

    Absolutely not. A compliment done the RIGHT way makes her feel like a bundle of butterflies are exploding in her heart... and that's because a compliment done correctly signifies that you understand a secret that most men are oblivious to. In this section, Christian will tell you exactly what that thing is, and give you his proven compliment formula for opening up the heart of even the world's most difficult woman.


Here you're going to learn two "eternal" kinds of value that never go away. And because you'll also discover the secrets behind how a ten flirts... the women you want are going to melt in front of you like never before.


    Power, confidence, and success don't happen to men by accident. However, they are traits that are easily obtained, assuming you know the path. And those sought-after traits naturally bestow themselves upon a man who knows his values, and whose actions are aligned with those values.

    If your values aren't "in sync" — you don't stand a chance with a real woman.... the kind of woman you want to spend your life with. Which is why in this section, Christian helps you find your values, and more importantly, live them out.


    Dieting is a pain in the ass! It's difficult to stay on track, inconvenient, and prevents you from eating the foods you really like.

    But as you'll soon see, adding a few simple eating habits to your lifestyle will increase your vitality, make you looks "sexier", and keep you're body young and fresh for years to come. And the best part is it's EASY, when you know what you're doing.

    This week Christian is revealing all of his diet "hacks" that have kept him young and healthy into his late 30s. You'll soon see that if dieting seems like a "chore" to you — you're probably doing it wrong!


    When you are able to be playful with a woman, she instantly knows that you "get it". You don't take life to seriously, and realize that this flirting dance you two are engaging in... is ultimately just a game.

    In this section, you're going to learn how the world's best flirts use playfulness to completely enchant a woman into liking them. Christian is going to teach you more than 7 of his deadliest "playful flirting" techniques, so next time you go out, you will be locked and loaded with an arsenal full of fun things to tease women about... so they'll be begging you to hang out with them again.

Part 12: REALITY

"Is he for real?" That's the essence of what a woman is trying to discover when talking with you. This month you're going to shed every "fake" layer that remains on you... so you can unleash your true, passionate, TEN self to the world.


    There is a reason that artists and musicians consistently pull some of the highest-quality women on earth.... and it has nothing to do with whether they are famous or not. They live with passion.

    But it turns out you don't have to be an artist or musician to have the same effect on stunning women. You simply have to show the same passion. In this section, Christian will show you have to live with passion in every waking breath, and how to bring that same passion to the table every time you talk to a beautiful woman.


    What do heroin, caffeine, and exercise all have in common?

    They are all massively addictive. Except when you get "hooked" on exercise, you'll notice the women that you thought were out of your league checking out like a piece of meat.

    With just one simple "tweak" you are going to transform exercise into something you not only look forward to... but something that you are completely addicted to. Christian is pulling back the curtains on his exercise regimen that will transform you from whatever body type you have right now, into the perfect male body that every women wants. And no, it's not a "Bodybuilder" or "Men's Health" look.


    You're finally ready to be the "real you"... which for the "Ten", is the most powerful technique of them all. In this section, you're going to learn how to take everything you've learned up to this point, and mold it into YOUR ideal personality when communicating with attractive women. And as you'll soon see, your style is going to be so unique and genuine, that the world will think you were always a "natural" with women.

    Now, there is a very distinct difference from being "genuine" in the way Christian talks about it, and the lame advice of "just be yourself" that every woman gives to guys. You're about to learn the difference, and learn how to calibrate your game in a way that makes you a real TEN, in every sense of the word

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